Papa Pear Saga Level 337, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 60,000 points.


You need fireballs and grande bonuses to make this level much easier to pass. When the right row of spikeys and carrots is at it’s lowest point shoot as high off the right wall to bounce across the carrots and hit the left wall for a fireball bonus. Assuming it’s in an easily hittable spot hit it to burn up as many spikeys as you can. The fast moving nuts will help your Fire Papa bounce around and possibly make another fireball and grande bonus. Don’t shoot a lot of papas, let the Fire Papa go all over unless you’ve burned all the spikeys and can hit the grande bonus easily. Papa Grande will remove those burned spikeys. Eventually one or both powered-up papas will work their way down toward the buckets, maybe even hitting the pink bucket lighter bonus.
When that best case scenario fails aim at the left side onions with as curved an aiming line as you can. You want to hit that fireball bonus and hope it just doesn’t spin and hit the end bucket. Do the same with the right side next. If both Fire papas fail keep trying to remove the onions as you attempt to get your papa below to bounce around removing items, hitting lids, and potentially hitting the opposite wall.
You can also try shooting at the right wall when the spikeys are t the lowest hoping the nut speeds your papa to the other wall. Or the left wall hitting any carrots to potentially send you to the other wall. Just don’t quit because the first fireball bonus filed or is inaccessible. Trying this level with many failed fireballs I am surprised what shot will create one or how much lid damage and bucket lighting you can do.
Sorry it’s more encouragement than shot direction.
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