Papa Pear Saga Level 338, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 27 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 30,000 points.


You’re going to hate spikeys more than ever on this level. There’s one under the top leaf and one on each side almost hidden by the eaves that moves left and right. You can see the orange top if you watch closely.
When you have a clear shot start removing the red peppers. You’ll need them all gone to help you drop the fruit. Try bouncing off the walls and your papa may hit the watermelon seeds helping removing the peppers.
Now you have a clear shot at the watermelon if they didn’t get hit earlier. Aim at the outer edge when it’s moving out so you hit it and not the spikey until removed. Now you have access at the edge fruit.
Dropping the edge fruit requires either a gentle curved aiming line to hit the wall or shooting at the fruit hoping for a bounce to get the carrots underneath. The center one is hard to hit. Aim at the bottom of the red sail on the left and just below the right side brown part of the boat where it turns tan.
These tips are terrible I know but something changed since I passed it so easily when I played it.
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