Papa Pear Saga Level 340, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Guide updated 25th Feb 2017. 



OLD Task: Use All Papas; 850,000 points.

NEW task: Use ALL papas, get 630,000 points.
Peas and Papa Grandes will help you pass this level. Start by hitting the top pea on either wall side pea pod so you bounce between both pea pods eventually hitting the rotating tree. If you’re lucky your papa will be shot towards the multiplier. If not, keep making peas by shooting at the same spot. Your papa may bounce out of the pea pods and start hitting acorns and blackberries which you’ll want to remove all of for two multipliers.
If you’ve made lots of peas but no grande bonuses aim over peas to get to the watermelons. Removing the top one is helpful so you don’t get bounced into the spikey and the seeds from the bottom watermelon will bounce you off the wall and pea pod most likely getting you a grande bonus. You may also slip past the bottom watermelon and hit the multiplier.
Once you get a grande bonus obviously use it and you should make another one. If the Papa Grande isn’t near the other grande bonus shoot at it. Better to have two Papa Grandes working for you removing and making peas and more grande bonuses.
Hitting the two multipliers under the green spinner is difficult especially if you have made lots of peas keeping it from spinning. If you have removed a lot of the onions and hit the multipliers the spinner may be free and send your papa down to a bucket quickly.
Don’t forget about gently curving your aiming line to get in large areas of peas too.


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  1. Pat

    Update: Score was lowered to 630,000 points.

    Making papa grande is so useless as the only thing they do is taking the fastest way down the bucket.


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