Papa Pear Saga Level 341, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 220 Potato Dice; 270,000 points.


If you watch the video you’ll see a bonus papa but the level starts with 20 papas. Aim at the right side vacuum plants, mainly the one closest to the center. Try to have your papas hit by the plants left eye so when it pops most of your papas go into the next one over. If you split the potato pieces under the plants into sticks aim toward the third full potato so the circular attraction of the plant hits a stick or two getting them sucked in also causing it and the top one to pop.
Now wait to see what happens to your papas. Hopefully they’ll get sucked over to the left side plants and not the bottom ones so they will pop all three plants and splitting potatoes everywhere especially with a Fire Papa. Again, a Fire Papa will break potatoes into three smaller parts which is extremely useful for making the needed potato dice.
A lot of potato pieces end up in the upper left corner. Carefully shoot over them to hit the fireball if it’s still there. If not, shoot that way anyway and wait to see what kind of potato dice you make. If there are still lots of sticks, pieces, and potato dice that are stuck keep breaking them so they split to sticks or the dice fall.
When down to your last few papas or just needing a small number of potato dice hitting off a potato stick is like hitting a solid object in that your papa will bounce off of it at an angle. Try to bounce your papa off sticks towards other sticks. Also look for groups of sticks or any stuck dice to help get the number needed.
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