Papa Pear Saga Level 342 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 1,000,000 points.


You’re going to need lots of peas and multipliers on this level. Shoot at an acorn to start then hit the mystery can to see what’s inside. If it’s not a spikey but something useful hit it too. Your first two papas should be removing lots of the center carrots and hitting the multipliers. Eventually they should drop down to the spikey or warp spinner. Entering the warp has your papa emerge to the center side of the acorns so you drop on the pea pod curve or through the carrots gap if they were removed.
Making grande bonuses is very helpful to winning. A Papa Grande will make lots of peas and remove the lower spikey if it’s sleeping. Having the watermelon to bounce the Papa Grande off their seeds should keep it making more peas. The Papa Grande will also remove the onions, blackberries, and yellow chilies for their multipliers. If you have a bouncy papa don’t feel like you have to try to directly shoot any multipliers unless you need to shoot a papa to start scoring points.
Avoid any fireball bonuses as best as you can because Fire Papa burns up a lot of pea pods and you’ll have a hard time winning. That is easier said than done in some tries at this level.
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