Papa Pear Saga Level 343, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 200,000 points.


You need to remove the potato sticks above the buckets so your fruit can fall freely.But first you have to get there so shoot at a potato or piece so fruit falls away from the center three spikeys. You don’t want fruit laying between the spikeys on the potato pieces otherwise you’ll have a very hard time winning. Remove those three center potato pieces so you can get access to the lower potato sticks and mystery cans.

If you have a clear shot aim between the blueberry and mystery can to open it and hopefully hit it. It will be a useful item. A fireball or grande bonus, or orchid, will remove a lot of the lower potato sticks for your fruit to drop down into the buckets.
Dropping the side fruit takes patient shots. Let your papa work its way down hopefully clearing a path for the fruit. Don’t shoot a second papa until that one dies by spikey or drops into a bucket. Curve your aiming line to gently drop your papa on any potato pieces blocking the fruit from falling.
A few potential spots where you don’t want your fruit to be are laying on a spikey and blueberry or in between the two center blueberries with potato sticks still underneath it. The spikey/blueberry stuck fruit can be bounced if there are potato pieces to the side as you’ll see in the video. Removing the potato sticks for the blueberry trapped fruit is pretty much impossible but try bouncing off any low potato pieces.





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  1. mattbl

    My advice on this one is to ignore the middle and start by trying to clear the sides. Initially aim at the wedge just below the far left (or right) fruit and do your best to keep clearing down until you can get that fruit in a bucket. Then you can knock the next fruit on that side into the gap. Do the same for the other side you didn’t clear. Then you’ll be left with the center fruit, try to hit it so you can knock it to one of the sides (whichever looks more clear). You might get it hung up in the middle but do your best to keep kicking it to the side to get down one of the paths you cleared.

    I ended up ignoring the middle entirely and it worked for me after having failed time and time again going down the middle.


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