Papa Pear Saga Level 344, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Remove 25 Potato Dice; 62,500 points.


Yes the picture shows 24 papas but they lowered it to 22. Everything else is the same.
Remove the red pepper and let your papa bounce around removing items. Starting on the right side, the easier side, aim between the top blackberry and bamboo at the carrots. You should remove a few of the carrots and hopefully bounce off the acorns removing them and more carrots. Aim as far to the right of the bamboo eyes so your papa rolls splitting the top potato and removing the carrots under it to split the lower potato. Splitting the left potatoes requires you to bounce off the left wall to hit the carrots. Watch out for the watermelon seeds and the holly spinner which may alter your shot.
Now the hard part, splitting the potato pieces into sticks depending on where they are. If you’re lucky they’ll be up high. If they go under the bottom holly spinners you could be stuck.
Remember, hitting a potato piece or stick is like bouncing off a wall in that if you hit a stick on an angle it will bounce off on an angle so try to hit multiple parts in one shot. Look for any dice that are laying on things too. You can remove them by hitting them which counts toward the 25 needed.
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