Papa Pear Saga Level 345, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 50,000 points.


As if this wasn’t tricky enough, King took away 3 papas so there’s only 22. Everything else is the same.
Start by curving your aiming line so your papa goes between the top left blueberry and the bamboo getting sucked into the left vacuum plant. Continue shooting until it pops, making a Fire Papa and a bunch of the papas get sucked into the other plant. Keep shooting until it pops. Having the Fire Papa burn up as many spikeys, especially the one to the right side next to the vacuum plant, is nice because you may bounce towards that one as you now try to open lids.
You have four options to open the lids, warp spinners, hit onions on center side, hit onions by bouncing off the wall, or through the burned out lower spikeys like you shot to pop the plants. See what lid damage or removal you have first. Hitting the warp spinners has no emerge pattern, just above the mystery cans and above the red and wood lids. Remember, how you enter the warp is how your papa will move when it emerges. So shooting at the left warp will have your papa moving to the left wherever it emerges (which is the easiest way to hit the center bucket lid). So shoot at a warp, preferably the lower part, and open the mystery cans or hit a lid. Fireball, grande, doubler, or a rare bucket lighter bonus will be in the cans but you’ll probably hit the spikey putting it to sleep. Any bonus should be used since Fire and Grande Papas do double lid damage and a bucket lighter is a real treat.
Lighting buckets now depends on what buckets are lit and what burned or removed upper spikeys you’ve managed to do. If you need the edge buckets bounce off the wall when the onions are moving to the center aiming right under the bamboo. The red and wood lids can be hit by bouncing off the inside set of onions especially if you burned the center spikeys. You will need the warps to light the center bucket.
This is when you have to be aware of what buckets are lit. If you have the two end left ones lit just shoot into the right warp to emerge moving to the right or right buckets lit so shoot at left warp so your papa is moving left.
Yes this is a lot but don’t worry. Get the mystery can Papa Power and remember how you emerge from a warp.



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One Response to “Papa Pear Saga Level 345”

  1. Pat

    Great plan – in theory. Practically, the fire papa just disappears in the next vacuum plant. When you pop that, it will hit not more than one cactus, then go down to the bucket.
    By then you have lost so many papas on catusses that you cannot open more than four lids.


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