Papa Pear Saga Level 346, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 16 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 40,000 points.


Curve your aiming line to win. If you don’t know how to curve your aiming line by now I’m impressed. Push your pointer up to the papa “gun” and move to the side. See how the once red dots are pink and the line has a curve? Play around with making a tight curved aiming line and longer arched ones on an earlier level so you get the hang of it then come back to play this.
Curve your aiming line so it’s to the left of the blueberries and down as far as it can go. These curved aiming line shots are slower so be sure the spikey isn’t close when shooting. Let your papa bounce around and hopefully you can see if there is a fruit under the top left leaves and make a grande bonus. You might hit the doubler bonus too for more item removal.
The three fruit are stuck between the spinning yellow chili and a still one so you need to remove the spinning one to easily free the fruit to land on more items. You want to remove as many items so when the fruit falls and gets stuck on a lid you’ll have room to shoot. Papa Grandes remove lots of items and and any sleeping spikey, especially the moving one by the lids. And they do double lid damage which helps here.
Getting the right side fruit can be harder if the moving blueberry under the question mark doesn’t bounce your papa to the right and remove a lot of items. You can curve your aiming line to the right and bounce off items and the blueberries to open a gap in the yellow chilies. Unfortunately your papa will most likely bounce up and get hit by the top spikey. If you make a gap use it.
Now just curve the line to drop a papa on the end lids if your fruit got sent into the corner. If you need the center buckets open bounce off the left blueberry next to the moving one or try bouncing off the bamboo. You should have removed a lot of items to make some sort of lid breaking shot.
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