Papa Pear Saga Level 347, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 1,410,000 points.


You need multipliers as fast as you can. Shoot a bit to the left on the top center spinner and your papa will roll to the left, bounce off the leaf hidden blueberry, and hit the orchid then proceed to bounce on other items. A curved aiming line shot will tilt the edge spinners up toward the center so you can hit the two multipliers under the leaves. And there are the dozen acorns above the center bucket for another multiplier.
Having a multiplier in one of the jars is extremely helpful so if there is one try to hit it next. Removing the blackberries will get you a multiplier too but hitting the center ones is hard. You can get the edge three with a curved aiming line so your papa rolls down the spinner removing the one closest to the wall and dropping to the six by the onions. Now with the spinner up, gently aim and try to have your papa hit both blackberries with one shot, weakening them by one. The spinner will move so try the other side.
Your papas should bounce off the upper blackberries and start removing onions. There’s a fireball bonus which will burn up a lot of onions and hopefully make a grande bonus. Hit that if you can because that will help remove items and possibly make another grande bonus.
Once you’re down to small groups of onions, if you don’t have enough points, aim as best as you can at them. The holly or green spinners might be in the way so try bouncing off a blueberry to get where you want. Or you can try for any blackberries. Just keep trying different shots. Even just bouncing off a blueberry will earn you points.
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