Papa Pear Saga Level 348, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Use 5 Multipliers; 40,000 points.


Goooooooaaaaaaal is to get five of the possible six multipliers. Yes six if you want to count the potato sticks, but they are a lot of work. Start by trying to make a fireball bonus. You want your papa to roll across the potato sticks, hit the wall and get bounced by and over the blackberry, and pushed into the other wall. You’ll remove a lot of the top potato sticks and the blackberry and start bouncing off other items. It’s not an easy shot so don’t worry if you don’t get it.
Shoot straight down to remove the vertical potato stick line next so your papa has room to bounce and start removing carrots and other items inside the carrot circle. Now shoot your papa at something so it will bounce off of it into other items. Don’t try to remove all of one item at a time. Your bouncing papa will remove onions, acorns, carrots, potato sticks as long as you bounce off an edge towards another item.
Once you have a lot of the board cleared you can start trying to remove a complete set of items for the multiplier. Keep trying to bounce off one into another and bounce off the multiplier into other things if you can. You may make doubler bonuses which are obviously helpful.
Yeah, but what about the bottom yellow chili since the other two are easy to hit? They are hard. If you have the two potato sticks still underneath them bounce off them to hit them once. If you have potato sticks behind the spikey, which you’ll need to remove anyway, curve your aiming line to try and get your papa to bounce on the stick staying behind the spikey to remove the bottom chili. With no potato sticks behind spikey you want to curve your aiming line so it will get behind the spikey and put it to sleep. It’s not a huge curve because when you shoot at it while sleeping you can get below to hit the chili before the spikes come out. The video shows it well.
And if by some dumb luck bouncing you remove most of the potato sticks and have enough papas, forget the chilies and make potato dice for that multiplier.
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