Papa Pear Saga Level 349, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 17 Papas to Remove 19 Blackberries; 35,000 points.


All the trees shoot your papa immediately except for the lowest one aiming down on the right and the one to the left of the warp spinner. Shooting down the left bamboo path is slower than the right side. The warp spinner will emerge your papa above the left blackberry or to the left of the right blackberry by your score.
Try to get your papa down the bamboo paths into the top trees. A papa on the left side will be affected by the vacuum plant, keeping it bouncing hopefully into the top tree for more blackberry removal. Don’t try to remove the plant yet. The horizontal tree on the left can hit the blackberries before your papa goes in the warp or plant.
The right side top tree will shoot at the edge of the jar then the blackberries before hitting the spikey. Depending on how the papa bounces on the right the bottom slanted tree can shoot out a lot of carrots hopefully hitting a blackberry.
You need to see how fast your shot down a bamboo path goes so you know when to shoot at the tree you want.
Once the plant pops hopefully most will go in the warp or hit the three under the blueberry. The warp may make you a fireball bonus depending if any papas were sucked into the plant after hitting a wall. That will help remove blackberries as well as breaking the jar. There is a spot on the left wall that will bounce your papa off both left side blackberries. Good luck!
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  1. Anthony Smith

    I am on level 349 been on it for over a week and I am ready to find anther game to play I get 16 out of 19 18 out of 19 but don’t have enough papa pears to even try to hit a blueberry I have had enough of Papa pear saga I am erasing it off my I pad and phone I am tired of looking at level 349 and loosing all the time thank you for everything


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