Papa Pear Saga Level 351, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 450,000 points.

Start by removing the left side and top carrots encasing the pea pod. I don’t know if it stops peas from getting to the outside but having access to the outer pod is helpful. Shoot at the exposed pea pod so you make peas. You want a lot of peas for this level and grande bonuses.
Hit the doubler by the onions when you have made a lot of peas to remove the onions and acorns and some carrots getting you access to the warp spinner. Both warps will emerge your papa inside the pea pod letting you bounce and make more peas and hopefully a grande bonus. The grande bonuses will help you make more peas and remove sleeping spikeys.
Multipliers make getting your points easier so curve your line and shoot through the top corner blueberries to hit the acorns, onion, both doublers making more papas, the red pepper and yellow chilies. All these papas should hit the carrots and go into the warp and make more peas. Hit as many multiplies as you can or try to remove a missed acorn or left wall red pepper. The onions by the vacuum plant are hard to hit so don’t aim for them specifically.
If you have lots of peas outside the pod shoot them out trying for a grande bonus. You want to keep sending a Papa Grande into the warps to make peas and another grande bonus.
If you make a fireball bonus when removing the outer peas obviously avoid hitting it at all costs! If it burns up the pea pod or even just a part of it you’ll have a hard time getting points.
Enjoy this while you can because you’re probably not going to like the next level.

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One Response to “Papa Pear Saga Level 351”

  1. Pat

    “Start by removing the left side and top carrots encasing the pea pod. ” ???
    What?? The pea pod is on the RIGHT side.
    Could you correct that? It did cost me one life because I was working towards the wrong side on the first game πŸ™
    Nevertheless I made over 850,000 points when shooting to the correct (right) side πŸ™‚


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