Papa Pear Saga Level 352, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: 18 25 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 35,000 points. The level design as been MUCH easier Papa Pear Saga Level 352 after original launch, so our help vid with only 18 papas should give you some efficient tips! 😀


Papa Pear Saga Level 352 is an impossible level if things don’t go just right.

When the “spider” is away shoot a papa or two at the jar to break it and make a Fire Papa. Getting the Fire Papa sucked into the top vacuum plant or affected by the lower right one are needed. You need the Fire Papa to hit all the doublers around the lower plant making lots of Fire Papas to free the fruit, burn pea pods, and most importantly, bounce to the lower left side to remove items and open lids to help drop those two fruit. If the Fire Papa is sucked up into the top plant remove items to pop it and hope it is dropped down to the doubles to do the same thing.
If the doubles are hit with a normal papa you can’t win, they won’t go up to free the fruit. But what if the lower right fruit was dropped but the Fire Papa didn’t bounce to the left side? Be sure you popped the top plant first if it didn’t by sucking in papas and that the fruit has fallen. Lemons and green apples like to get stuck on the pea pod. Start removing acorns/onions to open an area to the lower left side and bounce your papa off the side of the blueberry to hit the acorns/onions holding the fruit and open lids.
Depending what is around the top fruit you’ll most likely need to remove the acorns/onions under it so it will fall. If there are items already removed you may be able to shoot over the top of it pushing it to drop.
With so few lives you need the Fire Papas to do a lot of work for you. If they don’t practice your bouncing skills for all the fruit on the left side.
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