Papa Pear Saga Level 353, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 21 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 20,000 points.


With 21 Papas and needing 20 to open lids without using bonuses this is another very hard level. The holly spinners don’t help in hitting lids either. And removing the acorns and carrots before the bottom spikey hits your papa is a must.
Shoot to the left as high as you can when the bottom “coaster car” is on the right side. This should give you time to spin on the holly, hit acorns and carrots and hopefully a lid. Do this again to hit a lid. To try for a fireball shoot at the wall, hitting it this time, when the left “coaster car” has started to go down so you can hit the carrot and the one below it where the mouse pointer is on the picture. Depending on the holly and acorns and bottom “car” you may get your papa pushed to the right wall. If you miss you should hit a lid so try it again until there isn’t enough carrot where your papa lands and it just hits the red or cork (center) lid.
Hitting the right side buckets is a tougher set of shots. Try removing the carrot on the bamboo between the holly and the one to its right in one shot. Watch the timing of the “coaster car” and you may bounce off the blueberry into the center carrots and hit some back above the wooden lid. If successful you have a gap on both sides of that bamboo. That’s what you want.
Shoot in the left side gap and your ppa will roll down the spinner removing the carrots and an acorn or two before hitting the bottom row of carrots. You need a gap between the holly and bamboo to shoot your papa in to remove the acorns and carrots to hit the wood lid.
The right lid needs your papa to roll down the holly to the right side to open that lid. If your papa bounced on to the two rightmost carrots time your shot to get it in that hole so your papa drops on the lid.
If the left side lids aren’t broken use a curved aiming line to hit the blue one and extremely tight curve to go between the “coaster car” and bamboo.
As always, if you have a shot that is successful keep doing it watching out for the bottom “coaster car”.
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