Papa Pear Saga Level 357, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Remove 40 Potato Dice; 30,000 points.

Use a straight lined aimer to shoot and win. First, ignore the bottom end bamboo boxes. Those are easy to hit. Point your aiming line at or a tiny bit to the right of the acorn/onion that is above the bottom left bamboos eyes and shoot the top orchid when it’s moving left. That should drop about 6 potato dice.
Aim your pointer at the acorn/onion just above the right side of the roof slant of the house to the right of the Eiffel tower and shoot your papa when the orchid is moving left. That should remove carrots from the bottom center bamboo box. Don’t worry if it’s not all of them, you just want a gap to get in there.
Changing target areas to the top right bamboo box, aim over the top so your papa bounces off the wall, hitting the bamboo but bouncing off the wall again to hit a carrot. You may have to adjust up or down a bit to hit the carrots but once you get it keep shooting until all the dice fall. A nice treat would be if any of your papas removed any of the carrots on the lower right side box.
Getting the bottom end bamboo boxes is just straight shooting. There may be an acorn / onion in the way on the left one. The left one will need two shots to remove all the potato dice and the right one will give you a multiplier for removing the blackberries.
Now for the bottom center. Straight aim at the suns eyes and you should bounce off the bamboo slant down into the carrot gap you created with the orchid earlier. If you miss moving up or down ever so slightly. You need a red dot on the eyes. You will probably remove a carrot or two before hitting all the dice.
If you’re having trouble completing this level practice the orchid shots than the top right and bottom center areas. And watch out for the blueberries since you don’t want them bouncing a papa away. All multipliers are up to you if you want to hit them or not.
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TIPS: When the game starts you need to hit upper flower in the middle so it removes second flower also- and those flowers need to remove carrots and half of dice in the middle of the board. Now choose one wall: left or right. If you are going on the left wall you need to have 18 dots (move cursor little to the back) coming from papa cauldron so you can remove all dices from there- you will know you are on a good path if your papas starts to remove carrots. Right wall you need to have 15 dots from papa cauldron.

Even with these tips it is still tricky level and as always it all depends where your papa will bounce, you can even make fire papas here, good luck 🙂

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19 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 357”

  1. Jayne

    Help, my level 357 only needs 20 dice , but only has 4 cubes in each box and 2 in top middle, also when you hit the first orchid under top left it doesn’t take out all the carrots so you only get 2 cubes, I’ve tried all sorts of ways and I can only get 10 or 12 cubes, can you help Jayne

    • Sandy

      I have the same problem, my view of the game isn’t like the video’s. I only have 4 potato’s in each cube and there’s no way I can find to get 20. I wonder why my game is different from the video’s? Does having more friends playing make that difference?

    • Ellen

      I have the same set up on my game…..making it impossible to win. Why do all the videos show more potato dice in the center of the carrots??

  2. Tracey

    I don’t understand what you mean by count the dots for the left and right wall…there is 14 dots from the cauldron to either wall…whether you move your curser up or down there is still 14 dots and the angle on the left wall doesn’t work…please explain more

  3. Julie

    Same problem as Tracey. It doesn’t matter where I bounce the ball off the wall for the upper left hand bamboo box, I either get two bounces to reach the end carrots (video shows one bounce), then doesn’t reach inside the box or I hit the bamboo. My angle of fire is different than the video!!!

  4. Linda

    I have played this level over 150 times and can’t get more than 17 dice. I have used every angle and bounce-off shot I could imagine and still can’t win. Help!

  5. wanda

    I think it is impossible to win this. I have tried every way. Ball on let won’t work. don’t have enough balls to win. my sister won on her ipod

  6. Anne

    This level is impossible. I can’t get any of the top slices. I don’t understand the dots at all.

  7. Norman

    Could somebody please give tips for the current screen set-up which is completely different to the one shown. The tips given here DO NOT apply to the current screen

    • Becky21K

      The setup is the same and the aiming tips are all the same. That said, getting into the upper right box is near impossible, I’ve done it a couple times and there must be only one possible way to hit it that takes about five shots to figure out.

  8. Norman

    We’ll done King. Changing the target to 15 instead of 20 makes this much more fun and doable!


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