Papa Pear Saga Level 359, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 24 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 10,000 points.


This is a bounce off a blueberry or bamboo level to win so have patience. I guess King realized it’s harder than they thought since they added a papa to 24 keeping the same lid damage.
You need to remove carrots first so shoot out the two that are being aimed at in the picture. Then bounce off the blueberry to the right of the heart to hit the carrots by the acorn. Don’t worry if you miss because your papas will start breaking the center lid, just adjust your aiming line a bit to the left or right. You want it to bounce your papas to remove the carrots by the circle in the picture. This will also start breaking the red lid.
You need both of those circled carrots removed so your papa will hit the wall and then the tree shooting across making a fireball bonus and removing the leftmost lid. Once you find the right bounce don’t move until the bucket is lit.



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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 359”

  1. Pat

    One of the worst level of all times (including many bad levels that will follow).
    Even if you found a bouncing point, it will not work a second or third time, as even the tiniest movement of the mouse will make the papa go somewhere totally different.
    A total luck level 🙁


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