Papa Pear Saga Level 363, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 10 Power-Ups; 25,000 points.


This is the first of many hard levels in this section so if you want to try for any existing power-ups it’s your lucky bounce while fine tuning the aiming line for these two successful aiming points.
The first is the “9 – 14” aiming line at the right wall. You want your aiming line to be under the clouds eyes with the 9th red dot under the left eye and total dot length of 14, thus the “9 – 14” name. If you get it right your papa will bounce off the right wall, hit the bamboo into the right blueberries, then off bucket edges to hit the left wall for a fireball power-up. You will have to adjust up/down a tiny bit but make sure it’s a “9 – 14” line always.
The second comes from group member Lisa Carr which makes doubler power-ups. Put your pointer to the right and ever so slightly below the clouds right eye. You will bounce off the right wall, assorted blueberries, bamboo, and bucket edges 5 times making the doubler power-up. Again, adjust where your pointer ever so slightly to make the power-up. I can’t tell you which buckets you’ll hit because I use a different pointer but I hit different bucket edges twice, one time making both fireball and doubler power-ups.

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9 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 363”

  1. Toni Quinn

    It is impossible to get a 14 dot length line when playing on facebook, so unable to make fire papas. Any other alternative methods, or things to aim at that will get the shot?

  2. John Groat

    Found it easier to make a fireball by aiming at the left wall with the last red aiming dot just in the top left corner angle of the rock or whatever it is in the water.With slight adjustments you can hit the left rim of the pink bucket onto the blue bucket into the blueberries and onto the right wall.Easy from there with 8-10 fireballs created

  3. Lisa

    Just shoot your balls at the wall on both sides at different spots. When they hit the blueberries they bouce all over and make blue and green balls which gives u enough to pass the level.

  4. Roxann

    Easiest way to beat this is to lengthen the stream and to let it drop on the 3rd bouncy thing from the bottom on the left hand side.

  5. B

    John’s way really works! (And as you adjust to get the right spot, you get the 3 grandes at the bottom too). Thanks.

  6. Me

    Following your tips I got just three power-ups, and not a single Fireball made.

    But by just dropping three papas a time on the pea pods I gut seven Power-Ups.

    Isn’t this crazy??? This is a stupid level.

  7. Alf Igel

    Stupid programmers: A papa got stuck on the third grande bonus, always going big and small after timeout, a hundred times, until this papa finally disappeared without a trace…

    That “9-14”-line really does magic, even though it seems that the papas are just jumping around randomly, they really remove about everything except for the top row under the bamboo. But you don’t need that when there are some multipliers and grande bonus made.

    Finally scored 341,000 points 🙂


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