Papa Pear Saga Level 365, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 17 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 30,000 points.


17 papas to drop fruit and open lids?!? Not as hard as it seems at first. Your papas failing to free the fruit open the lids. The biggest problem is getting your fruit stuck on the edge buckets.
Shoot to the right, about halfway across the blackberries to remove them and the carrots on top and the right corner and side. The fruit may get stuck on the spinner requiring you to remove the blackberries on the left side of the spinner to drop it on the cauliflower or lid. Or you might have to bounce off the right wall to remove a blocking blackberry.
For the top left fruit remove the two carrots by the ‘+’ for gold bars and three fruit that show you how many you’ve dropped. That makes a nice gap for your next papa to remove chilies and blackberries to move the fruit and hit the cauliflower. You need to remove the carrots under that cauliflower so the holly spinners will move dropping the fruit on the tree. Removing the cauliflower is helpful for side carrot removal if your fruit hasn’t blown or bounced out. Making a Fire Papa will do double lid damage and if the lower left cauliflower is blowing possibly hit the onions and acorns around the center fruit.
Dropping that center fruit needs the onions removed so it tilts and you can hit the opposite edge to drop it. Most of the lower acorns should have been removed already and some buckets opened.
If you have fruit stuck on the edge buckets and cauliflower blowing curve your aiming line to drop your papa on to the cauliflower to remove it. Keep dropping your papas on the end covered lids to open them up. If you removed a lot of items on the let side you can curve your aiming line between the top and left blueberry to remove the cauliflower or lid instead of trying to go by the wall and leftmost blueberry.


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  1. Alf Igel

    17 papas to drop fruit and open lids?!?

    Hm, this is very easy to be misunderstood. The lids are not open, but to be opened…


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