Papa Pear Saga Level 367, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 30 Blackberries; 50,000 points.


You want to remove a lot of the cake so bounce off the carrots up high and remove items and hopefully 2 blackberries below the left holly spinner. There is a doubler bonus under the upper leaves and hitting the orchid will remove more items. Doing this makes room for your papa to hit the left wall for a fireball bonus which is very helpful.
Aim at the right wall as the blueberries are apart to remove blackberries and enter the warp spinner. Your papa will emerge by the lower blackberries over the blue bucket so having a Fire Papa will remove them quickly. If you miss the warp and bounce on the blueberries this is the time where you’ll most likely bounce to the left wall for the fireball bonus.
The hard part is hitting the last few blackberries by the warp but you can curve your aiming line to get between the top blueberries or try for any remaining ones under the holly spinners.


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