Papa Pear Saga Level 369, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Use 10 Multipliers; 50,000 points.


There’s no real “shoot here” shots in this level except for the cauliflowers so I’ll start by listing the items that don’t need removing for the 10 multipliers, acorns and onions. Hitting the acorns/onions under the spikeys between the buckets is hard unless you’re in Fire Papa mode, which you’ll want to be for the other items, so just work on removing all the other items.
Try shooting at the right wall to get the vacuum plant to suck your papa in for possible hitting the left wall for fireball bonuses. Fire Papas remove lots of items.
Removing the chilies right under the holly spinner quickly is very important. Try curving your aiming line so the left cauliflower can blow your papa into them.
Look for any potato dice resting on bucket lids. Most of the lids should open as you play but they can be missed and you may not see one in a broken lid.
The yellow chilies on the lower right can be hard to remove because of that acorn/onion pile. Same can be said about the carrots too so hope the tree and a Fire or Grande Papa removes them.
Making a grande bonus really helps remove items, especially the blackberries on the blueberries among everything else.
Removing the two cauliflower in the pea pods can be hard so curve your aiming line to hit the top one on the side to start it blowing or remove it. It will also blow your papa up and down but since that whole section moves you can wait and your papa should hit the cauliflower on the side, removing it. Having the fireball still there and not destroyed by the orchid helps remove the lower one.


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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 369”

  1. Janet Powell

    Level 369 is not counting the powerups….have been trying to pass this level for quite some time now!!! WHAT DO IDO TO CORRECT THIS?????????????????? Thanks for your help!!!!!!

  2. Helen

    It’s only the multipliers that count towards the total of 10 which you are required to collect.

  3. Alf Igel

    Just passed with ELEVEN multipliers, and over 600,000 points (i.e. three stars). However this took some time, and my average number of multipliers made was six.


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