Papa Pear Saga Level 372, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Get 190,000 points



This is one of the levels where you need to use all your papas and to get certain amount of points in order to pass it. First and very important thing is: you have 5 bouncing berries and under them some leaves. You have to aim so you remove those leaves and to get multipliers, because they are hiding behind it. While doing that aim on both walls so you can make some fire papas and that your papa bounces on the berries, removes blackberries and watermelons. That will make you more multipliers and of course more points that in this level you really need to make, good luck





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6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 372”

  1. Pat

    I don’t see your point to make fire papas in this level. They are so useless, the only thing they do is going down the bucket faster than anything else πŸ™

    • Pat

      I think the key is to remove the melons first. This will give another multiplier, and the papas bouncing around can hit several more. And save the berries until you have most multipliers (x7 is possible).
      Scored over 214,000 points.

  2. Pat

    The page for level 373 is missing – 404!
    When you open the page for level 374, you will be shown level 373!

  3. Hans Wurst

    Going to level 737:
    Epic 404 – Article Not Found
    Pepper Panic Saga Level Walkthroughs, Tricks and Tips

    This is embarassing. We can’t find what you were looking for, because nobody apparently didn’t care any longer.

    How true!!!


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