Papa Pear Saga Level 373, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 135 Acorns; 25,000 points.

This levels seems easy but it is not, you need some luck πŸ™‚

First try to clear one side of the board, shoot your papas one by one, just let each papa bounce all the way until it falls into the bucket, because you will see what acorns are gone and of course you will make points, maybe even get papa grande if your papa hit any obstacles 50 times.

Once you cleared one side do the same on the other side.Now you need to remove those tricky spots where you have the rest acorn you need.Remove, all the blackberries for two reason: to get multipliers for points and to clear your path to the acorns.

Those acorns that are on left and right side, below the rotating mill, are little tricky to get so try to aim on the wall and find perfect spot to get to those acorns.In the video you can see how it can be done πŸ™‚


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  1. Pat

    The level setup is completely new. Maybe you could also make a video and description for the actual level?
    1.1 million points are possible.

  2. Hans Wurst

    This is the page for level 374, but you give a description to level 373!!!

    The page for level 373 is missing!!!

    The description for level 374 is missing!!!


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