Papa Pear Saga Level 376, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 55,000 points.

This level is all about luck; bounces, having blueberries in the mystery cans, not removing the end watermelons, and not creating a lot of peas. Extremely hard level so these tips won’t be the greatest.
You want to shoot at the bamboo to the right to get by the blueberry and not make a lot of peas so you can remove the carrots and open the mystery can. Obviously removing the top row and all upper carrots is a must so the watermelon seeds can be free to help your papa bounce and hit the onions.
You can try shooting down the center at the slant of a carrot to remove those carrots and part of the top row so watermelon seeds are free to spit at the onions. If there is still a hittable bit of carrot try bouncing off it possibly onto an onion.
Making a fireball bonus is hard and I never tried with all the up/down movement of the center two “fruit holders”. If you do make a fireball it will do it’s damage but if it gets stuck on a burned cactus shoot another papa at it to keep it bouncing.
If you make a grande bonus and it gets stuck on top of the fruit after removing a burned/sleeping cactus and two other papas are in there too so you can’t shoot just wait and they all will be recalled to the papa “gun”.
Curve your aiming line to hit the left carrots to free those watermelon seeds. Since it’s a slower shot and you want to be on the left of the blueberry shoot as the blueberry starts going down so you should miss it and hit the carrots.
If you remove the center, straight up shooting watermelons don’t worry since the end ones rotate and their seeds can bounce your papa onto the onion.
As I said, this level is extremely hard with total luck of a bounce to win so don’t give up. I’ve had a papa on the right side get bounced to the other side dropping the fruit so keep trying anything.

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NEW UPDATE MAY,2014. and NEW video: much much easier now as you don’t have cactus anymore and they added 2 rotating mils.

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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 376”

  1. Jef Tombeur

    “and not creating a lot of peas” : I agree with you ; nonetheless the peas are the only way to succeed if you have eliminated the watermelons and the (two) useful blowers (in the mystery cans). This applies to the new version.
    I left one can intact and hit a the peas to bounce and get the last fruit. Got lucky (and three stars ; 171 885 points).

  2. Mieke

    Level 376, which I am playing now is different from the one you show here. I installed the game again, but still a different game

    • Admin

      Thank you for your input. I’ll ask Rich to have a look and make a new video and guide for Level 376 if needed. 🙂

    • Admin

      There are two different videos included in the post now, I hope one of them fit your game.

  3. Hans Wurst

    If you are just bouncing around wildly without any plan, you will bring down exactly the same amount of fruits as when you are carefully planning your shots. It is only random, nothing else, if any onion under a fruit gets hit at all, and most of the times the melons will be gone before the onions caught a hit.


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