Papa Pear Saga Level 377, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Use 15 Power-Ups; 150,000 points.


You just need to shoot the papas on the left wall when the middle flower passes the bulrush (the one above the red container) you will always get a fire papa but don’t shoot another until the one in the screen disappears (it is possible that you get a double or large papa too) good luck

Picture made by member of Papa Pear Saga Help group Ena Radoš


1. Aim on the left wall, spot would be where colors of the tree have different color, at the moment when second vacuum flower (2.) moves to the right and passes bulrush (3.) and it should bounce to the left wall and make you a fire papa (4.)

Of course sometimes your papa will bounce differently but don’t give up. You have to be careful cause there is not so much papas in the cauldron so you will need 2,3 papas to collect those power ups that you made. have to mention, while you are making fire papas, of course sometimes your papa will bounce on the edge of the buckets and you will get papa double, when you remove all carrots you will get one multiplier etc – all that counts as power ups.
Also, you need to be careful when you use some power up, papa grande or fire papa, vacuum flower will take it but that is not actually bad thing cause if it takes 5 papa with power ups it will blow up release some papas out and if one papa gets stuck in a circle of the berries, it will make you millions of score.

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Task: Use 18 Power-ups

Tips remain the same, only thing is that now you have 1 acorn and 1 onion, so you can get 2 multipliers and you can’t get huge scores anymore as once you release vacuum plant they added rotating mils inside of circles of berries.

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  1. karen

    Leah, are you going to do a write up of the helpful tips and tricks? Or is this one just random luck. i don’t think i have been stuck for this long in quite some time. Just cannot get past 10 Power ups at the most, and the norm is 3-5 pu’s


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