Papa Pear Saga Level 381, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


15 Power-Ups

Don’t search for power ups in mystery cans, you need bouncing berries.The best way would be if you get at least on one side 3 bouncing berries. Play slowly , let each papa bounce all its way to the bucket and hopefully it will make you papa grande, maybe even papa double if it hits edge of the bucket 5 times.

Remove the left onion by bouncing off the pea pod and let your papa open the mystery cans. To hit the right onion put your aiming line by the moving right side pea pod. Watch the top cauliflowers rotation and when it’s turning up shoot to get blown into the onion, make peas, and open the right side cans.
In the game you already have 8 Power ups so you need to make 7 more. One of those 7 is onion ( multiplier) so 6 should be what you make: papa grande, papa double or fire papa. Do not touch power ups in the middle til the end cause you will burn pea pods and will not be able to pass the level. Also good thing would be if you leave 2 last papas to aim in the middle of pea pods. why 2? sometimes your papa, when you aim it in the middle can pop out, or it wont collect all power ups

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30 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 381”

  1. Nancy

    This one I think will be the end for me. Mine do not do what yours do. LOL Mine just bounce right down to the bucket I am lucky if I can make one. I do not know what else to do.

    • Pat

      First shoot to the left and right, collecting what is available there. But ignore the two onions, the right one is impossible to hit directly!
      Right after that, drop a single papa down the center.
      If you play clever, you can score over 1.1 million points (17 papas left, 8 multi)!

  2. Lia

    Mine does not do like yours! Papa grande does not show up, maybe 1 if I am lucky… same as Nancy

  3. dania

    this level is for the birds…. i think i will now quit papa pear. I have been stuck here for days, I watched all thr videos and my papa pear doesn’t do what they show… so long papa pear.

  4. Dianne

    I have played for weeks on this one. Not able to get through as my ppapa’s don’t make power ups.

  5. Kerry

    Can’t believe I’m gonna say this after all this time.. but this level has me thinking about giving up..

    • Norms

      I am with you Kerry. Just have lost interest now as even with buying power ups to help, still can’t get nore than 12. πŸ™

  6. Susan

    I think this is the end of the game for me. I don’t know why they have to make a level so hard that it takes weeks/months to get.and that’s if you’re lucky enough. I’ve been playing for a long, long time but I’m tired of trying πŸ™

  7. Gerda

    Why do I only get cactus, orgids and fire papa’s and only now and then a blue bumper? This really is no fun anymore! If I see all the videos there are loads of blue bumpers!!! I hardly get any Green papa!!!!

  8. Toddd

    I am with you all….this level is stupid. I cannot see getting past this. Been on it for a couple weeks and haven’t even been close!

  9. Dalette

    Done with papa pear cannot get off this level now I am bored and done..makes me mad

  10. Patricia

    I’m done at this level. Been stuck for weeks.
    I’ve even bought power ups and still can’t get passed it. Loved the game until now.

  11. Karen

    I feel all your pains. As far as we got, and to think we have to give up now. The most power ups I can get is 10. And I play it a lot. So disappointed .

  12. Christine

    There are not 8 power ups to begin with only six, you should do an update on this so ppl will continue to play

    • Firepapa

      there are still 8 Power-ups you didn’t understand us. You get 6 and two more are from that acorn down below and two onions above- you get 2 multipliers πŸ˜‰

  13. Art

    I have a solution! Use a pomegrenade at the top of one of the blocked off pea pods to enter. Then knock out the cauliflowers to get the bucket lid cleared. Once cleared, bounce pears on the lid to get blue/double powerups. The pears will get stuck there and will be returned, so you can make as many as you need. Essentially, “break” the level design to clear the level. HTH.

  14. Sara

    Art is a genius!! Finally after weeks stuck it does work, so what u might have to buy the pomegranate but it’s worth it, I was seriously as giving up and deleting the game point but it’s worked, and the next level is quite easy

  15. Mardi

    Sorry my comment is pretty much the same as everyone else. I feel like giving up too. This level really has got the better of me, but will continue just not as often.

  16. Renee

    Those that are still trying to pass this level don’t give up , you can do it and do it without buying for help … when i have trouble i watch the video help and use that to help me it always work i have done some harder ones than this one higher you go up harder then become but it just makes you think and win it move on , i am now on level 480 Waiting for the Clouds to clear even waiting made say i will not play any longer because they haven’t put new level up but i know it must be hard to created them so i will wait and i will not give up , i love this game , you can do this to Good Luck everyone , i hope i could help you win … even if you have to watch video over again ..

  17. lynn

    I must be extra dense. What do you mean by bounce papa off lid? And papa being stuck and getting returned to make as many as you need?

  18. Kirsty

    I just don’t feel like there is any point in trying this level any more, I’ve played and played and played and I can’t get more thn 10

  19. toby

    This level is impossible on tablet, I was stuck and tried hundreds of times. Then I tried on my mobile phone, then the papas move like in the video clip. It was fairly easy to get through then.
    So not all versions are the same, try a different machine….

  20. Michael

    Tired of this level Also feel like removing the game and trying another I am patient but so frustrated now can’t get near to 14 Definately needs to be changed we can’t all be wrong


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