Papa Pear Saga Level 382, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 25,000 points.


This picture shows an extra papa, it’s really 25. The hardest thing in this level is the watermelon seeds bouncing your papa away.
Start by shooting at the top tree to remove the carrot heads. Your papa should bounce off seeds or other carrots or hit the spikey cactus. Keep shooting at the top tree and your papa will work its way down toΒ the other trees hitting carrots or seeds or watermelons.
You need to remove a lot of the upper carrots to remove the watermelons if your papa hasn’t. Curve your aiming line to remove the watermelons.
A nice bounce is one on top of a column of carrots that will slowly remove the column. If your fruit has rolled to the other side of a free area aim at the specific tree to remove the carrots and shoot the fruit to the bucket.
Hit the left bottom two trees by bouncing off the wall. The one above it makes a direct shot at them too hard.


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