Papa Pear Saga Level 386, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 10 Papas to Remove 1 Orchid; 100,000 points.


Sounds easy until you notice the two spikey cactus blocking your way.
Shoot out the two center watermelon and have your papa bounce around making a grande bonus or remove a gap of acorns/onions and hit blackberries. You need to have a clear path to the spikey cactus and use a papa to put it to sleep.
Make a Papa Grande to go down the path to the sleeping cactus to remove it. Now you shoot papas at the onions, acorn, and eventually hit the orchid.
Without a grande bonus you can’t win. There are too few papas.





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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 386”

  1. Jef Tombeur

    Look, it’s a question of time, obstination, and algorithms. The idea is to entice you to reach a point of exasperation so you’ll buy three papas.
    But, after a lot of attempts, if you don’t play too much out of the (marketing, usual sensible aimings), the level is somehow given (just got it, two stars).
    I aimed three times nearly simultaneously at the center (you get more chances to get a big, even three, or even a fire papa). Then, it’s not quite a question of luck, or skill, but patience. Start with three, even four big/fire papas, then do as suggested above (the successful demo of this site).

  2. Pat

    This level is so full of bugs. First game I got a papa grande that did shrink when hitting a cactus and then could not hit anything anymore. It just bounced around, touching cactus again and again, or other things, without anything happening.
    In the next game, a papa did hit a fire and a grande bonus at the same time, but didn’t become a fire papa, only grande.
    Also even if you take out one cactus, the papa will still be sucked into the vortex instead of hitting the orchid.
    And in the next game, again the vacuum plant sound generator crashed, as so often in these games, never ending its buzzing sound, even when the game is over…
    Yes, this levels sucks especially. But finally made over 250,000 points, which is ok πŸ™‚


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