Papa Pear Saga Level 387, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Use 10 Multipliers; 100,000 points.


Ignoring the potatoes you can see the 8 multiplier items you need to hit and the two in the jars. Of course the potatoes go up and down making the carrots and blackberries harder to hit. The hidden tree between both potatoes helps.
Break the jars first so you hit those multipliers and pop the vacuum plant for another. Hopefully a papa will remove the onions and some acorns and enter the warp spinner. Your papa will emerge above the red pepper but may not hit it.
If you didn’t get all the acorns or onions try shooting at an angle so your papa doesn’t hit the blueberry. Hitting everything else just seems to happen as you aim for an item. The blackberries are the hardest to hit if you’re down to the last of one item to hit for the multiplier.
You may make a grande or fireball bonus by luck so use them well. And when you have multipliers out hit one on it’s edge so it heads for other multipliers or items.


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  1. Alf igel

    Hitting thos blueberries down there is pure random.
    But after so many games with nine multipliers only I finally made 750.00 points…


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