Papa Pear Saga Level 388, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 100,000 points.


You need to make fireball bonuses to win so that’s your first thing to do. Make a Fire Papa and bounce around and see what items you remove. Making an empty area above the cauliflower is a good entry point for a papa if the bubble has popped since it’s not likely that the fruit will bounce out without help. Fire Papa Grandes will be very helpful removing the top watermelon and edge spikey cactus and, if lucky, getting inside with the fruit removing the lower blackberries and making lots of points.
Shooting straight down at the top three blackberries making a path to the bubble, once the chilies are removed, won’t pop the bubble but will help in removing the lower blackberries.
With your fruit free to fall now you just need to remove the center few watermelons and into an open bucket or get hit by a seed and pop out where the top watermelon were if that area is clear. The fruit will bounce around a lot even if the watermelon are removed so be patient either way.



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6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 388”

  1. oli

    level lags like anything, ie not firing papas, papas dissapearing and just numbers popping up, screen stopping for a sec then carrying on. using a 3gs fone. Could it be my processor or just too much on the level to cope?

  2. bubbles

    No problems with lagging for me but my phone is HTC One M8. But this level is tuff!

  3. Pat

    “You need to make fireball bonuses to win so that’s your first thing to do. Make a Fire Papa”

    HOW ???

      • Hans Wurst

        Still no idea how to “make” fireballs, but somehow one was made, and while this was already very lucky, extreme luck also made it jump right into the center vertical path, burning up everything inside and letting the fruit drop down.
        But without hitting the doubler there would have been hardly enough points to pass πŸ™


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