Papa Pear Saga Level 389, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 28 Papas to Remove 30 Blackberries; 40,000 points.


A lot of your success depends on what fireball, grande, and doublers you get in the mystery cans. Nuts and blueberries aren’t really helpful.
The top moving blueberries center blueberry will hit the edge of the right tree and left hanging pink part of the tree which is in the yellow circle. This way you know when to shoot to bounce your papa to hit the blackberries. You can also bounce off the yellow chilies to hit some of the blackberries.
Removing the cauliflower as you play, along with the chilies under the edge cauliflower, makes it easier to hit the lower four blackberries if your papa doesn’t bounce into them. Just watch out for the moving blueberries if directly shooting at the blackberries.
Having a powered up papa, Fire or Grande, will remove the blackberries and weaken or break the jars. You really need to get your papa bouncing off the blueberries to remove the blackberries. If you want to directly shoot at them try hitting two at a time. If you remove both jars you can’t directly shoot at the top edge blackberries.

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