Papa Pear Saga Level 391, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Remove 56 Potato Dice; 75,000 points.



This picture shows 19 papas because of a bonus papa, it’s 18 to play normally.
Hit the right cauliflower so it’s blowing at full strength but don’t remove it yet. As the “comet” of potato sticks, carrots, and pea pods gets close to the cauliflower shoot like the aiming line in the picture shows to get your papa blown into the comet items removing them and making peas. You want to make grande bonuses so your Papa Grande breaks every potato or smaller piece into 3, not 2 with a normal papa. Very important!
Pop the two vacuum plants with papas and potato dice. Bouncing around in the blueberries will make grande bonuses so hit or bounce into them to really break up potatoes. Hopefully you’ll bounce to the left hitting that potato too.
Once the comet is mostly if not free of all potato dice remove the right cauliflower. You need to remove the left one too to hit any potato parts on the left side and the vacuum plant too. Having potato dice trying to get past the bubble will pop the plant quickly once you pop the bubble. Use any grande bonuses on the left to split the end potato.
Now just start shooting at groups of potato sticks if you don’t have enough dice. Lids must be off the buckets so the dice count goes up unless you hit them with a papa.


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