Papa Pear Saga Level 392, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: Use All Papas; 330,000 points.


You need to hit 3 multipliers as fast as you can to win. There are two, one under each end leaf, in that row of leaves with the acorns on top and under them. The third one comes from removing the yellow chilies.
Shoot at the left chilies so your papa will bounce on to the top carrot, blackberries, and hopefully hit the lower tree shooting your papa into the other tree. The top tree will remove the leaves and hidden blackberries above the slowly moving warp spinner hopefully dropping down onto the multiplier and making a grade bonus. Hitting the other multiplier needs either the lower tree or removal of the end acorns from the open area where the curve of carrots and blackberries were. It’s very hard to hit those acorns so hope the tree shoots your papa into it.
Remove the chilies and try not to have your papa drop straight down removing the carrots, onions, and acorns. Those two areas are where you make a lot of your points so you want all three multipliers hit first.
Gently curve your aiming line or try any grande bonuses near the edge carrots, onions, and acorns to remove them. You will probably need a straighter line to bounce off the wall and remove the onions continually moving down.
The warp spinner will emerge your papa above each yellow chili and above the end point of the top carrot. And if you’re curious, the two times I hit the mystery can from an odd bounce it contained a fireball bonus but don’t try to hit it since it was an odd bounce. And there are a few blackberries under the row of leaves too which are hard to hit so don’t bother.


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