Papa Pear Saga Level 393, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: 16 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 100,000 points.


This is a crazy level with all the bouncing your papa will do making needed grande bonuses for removing the cactus by the fruit.
Start by either shooting at the orchid directly so it doesn’t remove the fireballs or try to make a Fire Papa. You want to burn as many cactus as you can. If the vacuum plant sucks in the Fire Papa don’t worry, it’s ready to pop quicker than the right side one. Remove the orchid if you made a Fire Papa with a direct shot if not already removed. Popping the left plant will help remove the red peppers, yellow chilies, burn cactus and potentially make a grande bonus.
Aim at the right wall to pop the right plant but try to have your papa bounce on the blueberries before getting sucked in. With a lot of early bounces making grande bonuses and removing the right side items is easier.
Hit a grande bonus and watch your Papa Grande bounce all over, possibly making another grande. You’ll need a sleeping or burnt cactus by the fruit so the Papa Grande can remove it and free the fruit. Any earlier papas should have removed the onions and opened bucket lids for your fruit to drop into.
You might even get lucky and have a normal papa push the fruit to the left over the nut or bounce off an onion pushing it up to freedom.


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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 393”

  1. Pat

    Got the fire papas first, then plopped the orchid, but the fruit didn’t fall, even with so many papa grandes bouncing around. Instead it sat between two coconuts and it looked like it won’t get out of this ever. But when the other vacuum plant plopped, there were enough pushes to make the fruit go down.
    So six papas left, and 1,262,000 points.

  2. Pat

    A very frustrating level as the fruit will always drop on two coconuts above the pink bucket, and there is no way whatsoever to push it out of this misery.

    • Pat

      685,000 points just went down the drain due to this design failure!
      But 578,000 points is a nice score to pass, too.


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