Papa Pear Saga Level 394, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: 20 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 150,000 points.


You need power-ups in the mystery cans, not cactus, to have a better time winning. Making a grande bonus to remove the sleeping cactus is important too.
Pick a side and pop the bubble hopefully having your papa remove wall side onions and carrots as it drops to hit the lid. Most likely you’ll bounce back to the center and hit a cactus. Keep shooting and you’ll open the lid. Adjust your aiming line so your papa removes the onions giving you access to the mystery can which you want to open. Repeat on other side unless you make a grande bonus.
If you get the right bounce and make a grande bonus that’s up by the cactus use a papa or two to put them to sleep. Hit the grande making a Papa Grande which should remove both cactus and lots of onions for another grande. Because of the cauliflower’s blowing you might remove the onions to hit the top mystery can items with your Papa Grande so let it bounce. If you make another grande bonus use it to break through to remove the red peppers, yellow chiles, mystery can items and carrots. You’ll probably make more grande bonuses if you don’t remove the watermelons too but they both must be removed.
Once all the papas have hit lids or lit buckets see what is left. You should have some multipliers an possibly a fireball bonus. You should have direct or curved aiming line shots to remove any carrots covering lids to then open and light the buckets.


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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 394”

  1. Pat

    I think it is more important to remove the cauliflower quickly than to waste many papas on the mystery cans. After all you just need to send so many papas to the sides until the two outer buckets are lit.
    It is vital to have the center open to send down papas. But even the is cheating and in my last game ALL papas send down there did finally go into the CENTER bucket!!!

    • Pat

      So the next game was just the opposite: NONE of the papas sent down did ever hit the center bucket or lid at all!!!


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