Papa Pear Saga Level 395, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 5 Grandes; 50,000 points.


This level requires patience so let your papa bounce to make the grande power-up (pin). Having at least one in a jar helps too.
Start by shooting at the right wall as the carrot enclosed items move to the right. You want to bounce off some carrots so you can remove acorns getting you inside removing more items and dropping down to the lower group with the jar making a grande.
Hit the grande power-up if it’s easily accessible and you should make another grande with so many acorns/onions around. They are helpful in popping the bubbles too.
Gently shoot at the upper left section of items at the flat spot above the blueberry and you should be able to make a grande and possibly pop the bubble. Use the wall to pop the bubble if you didn’t and try to get your papa between the jar and blueberry for rapid breaking of the jar and hitting the power up. You’ll want to do the same blueberry/jar shot on the lower one too. Any grande powered-up papa will bounce around and usually make another grande.


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  1. Pat

    Passed the level with 7 papas left, 6 grande bonus (one in a place unable to be hit), and more than 780,000 points.


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