Papa Pear Saga Level 396, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 10,000 points.


Cactus and covered lids to deal with. Ugh.
The right side is a little easier because there is no blueberry under the yellow chilies. Remove the right chilies using a curved aiming line to bounce off the bamboo dropping your papa onto each curve of carrots, onions, acorns, and hopefully a lid.Β 
When that doesn’t happen and either side fruit falls under a spikey cactus you first need to remove carrots and onions above the cactus/fruit areas. When you make an area to now shoot your papa through you need to get your papa under the cactus so it can remove onions and carrots. As the papa is removing the onions and carrots it should remove the lower acorns and carrots and open a lid. The spikes seem to poke out slower on a sleeping cactus on this level.
If your fruit leans the wrong way on a nut after you cleared a path try bouncing off an onion to get behind the fruit to push it or remove onions and carrots to drop the fruit. You really want to avoid fruit leaning to the center because it could fall on the three cactus essentially getting trapped there.
If you make any grande bonuses use them if inaccessible spots, especially to remove sleeping cactus.


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