Papa Pear Saga Level 397, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 18 Blackberries; 75,000 points.


Making a fireball bonus is very helpful in winning but can be hard to make. Aim your line as high as you can to the left and shoot when the left cauliflower starts rotating up. The extra puff might help making the fireball bonus. If you get it wait until your current papa is gone before using it. You can’t shoot at the right wall, the green spinner interferes with the bounce.
Use the blowing of the cauliflowers and watermelon seeds help remove the blackberries by the watermelon. You’ll need the carrots and red peppers removed but don’t shoot at them directly. Try a curved aiming line avoiding the cactus or bounce off wall to get your papa down there.
Removing the cauliflowers is important to get at the blackberries above and below them. Gently curve your aiming line and try to hit on top, to the wall side, of the acorn/onion box. That will give you access to the top and lower blackberries while removing the cauliflowers.
If you have a clear shot you can try bouncing off the wall or at the two blackberries themselves to bounce your papa off an acorn or onion back into them.



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  1. Pat

    Most important is to get rid of the cauliflowers quickly. THEN you can make some fireballs.
    So shoot just atop them when they start turning downwards. This will make the papas stay above them and finally remove them.


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