Papa Pear Saga Level 398, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 285,000 points.


Can we start with the obvious by saying avoid the fireballs? If your papa goes in the warp spinner it will emerge somewhere across the top of the board most likely hitting one and burning pea pods.
Remove multipliers as soon as you can. The one for the exclamation point (!) is a direct shot as is the one under the ‘Z’. You are going to want to make your own multipliers too so shoot at the gun design removing carrots, red pepper, and blackberries. Rolling down the exclamation point might bounce your papa into the ‘P’ multiplier too.
Once you get some multipliers start making peas to hit for points. Getting your papa between the ‘P’ and exclamation point will make a bunch. Hitting the slant of the ‘Z’ may send your papa into the warp spinner onto a fireball.
If you burn up some pea pods see what the damage is. A lot of burned up pods will require you to concentrate on removing gun items for their points and multipliers. Hopefully this doesn’t happen but the video shows how to do it.


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