Papa Pear Saga Level 399, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 75,000 points.


Shoot high at a wall, above the blueberry, so you do a lot of bouncing off it and remove red peppers, yellow chilies, acorns, and onions hopefully making a grande bonus. You want your papa to stay by the wall to start so when it falls it hits the end buckets. If your papa ends up on the bamboo side it will easily hit the center bucket. Do this on each side.
The mystery cans will have a doubler or grande bonus in them. You might have to bounce off the wall to hit them and use them so watch the timing of each middle blueberries up/down moving. Hitting multipliers from the many items you can completely remove is up to you.
You can make a fireball bonus if you have a lot of the right side items removed. Aim at the left wall with your line above the pink star about the thickness of the bamboo. Your papa should hit the wall, blueberry, then head to the right wall.
If you have just the buckets under the watermelon to hit and the wall side slant of onions is gone try bouncing off the wall to hit the lid. Watch out for any seeds and the middle blueberry.



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