Papa Pear Saga Level 400, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Use 16 Power-Ups; 125,000 points.


Heisenberg didn’t have a handlebar moustache, but he could cook. King has cooked up a good level here. Not 97% sure you’ll get it first try but you’ll still get a high when things are bouncing right. (Web search ‘Breaking Bad Heisenberg’ for the reference.)
You want to shoot one papa at a time unless you make a papa power-up (fireball, doubler, or grande) that you can hit easily. Shoot at the right wall as high as you can. Your papa will bounce at the blackberries and possibly hit the grande power-up removing more blackberries, hitting blueberries, and the orchid. Keep shooting to the right wall until you remove the right side jar, carrots, watermelon, and yellow chilies.
Aim at or slightly higher on the left side’s star eyes and shoot when the top blueberry starts moving left. That will help you remove the blackberries, carrots, left jar, chilies and watermelon. Once those items are removed you can make fireball power-ups with the same shot. Your papa should bounce off the left center blueberry and over the ones on the right side.
Let your papa bounce into any multiplier power-ups you’ve made unless they are in easy to hit areas and do it so your papa bounces to others or at a blueberry or something to keep it moving around the board. Only 19 papas might not seem like enough but it’s plenty.


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    • Pat

      Even 12 seem very unlikely, as you hardly ever can remove all the blackberries, all the acorns, and all the onions, let alone remove all three together ever in any game.


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