Papa Pear Saga Level 401, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 16 Paps to Remove 49 Peas; 20,000 points.


This level needs a bit of luck with bouncing off of peas to hit other peas and hitting the bonuses attached to the warp spinners so your papa doesn’t get sucked into the warp. If your papa does enter a warp it will go from warp to warp until emerging over the vacuum plant, getting sucked in until it pops.
So where to shoot? Hit the top right pea to remove some. You need to remove peas and carrots at top left constellation to get at the lower left twins with lots of peas. Aim over or through removed carrots to get at lower right peas. And the bunch in the center needs carrot removal too.
Be sure when aiming no warp gets your papa first so aim, watch your line as the warps move, and shoot when your line isn’t interrupted at the longest time.
(Can you tell I had a hard time with this? Even watching the video has a fireball bonus made somehow that removes peas. You’ll probably get it in a few tries though.)



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