Papa Pear Saga Level 402, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 25,000 points.


Get your bounce off bamboo skills in shape for this one. Having different fruit than these two might make it easier too.
Left side first. Aim as high as you can to bounce over the bamboo to remove the yellow chili blocking the end bucket. When the cactus is moving down hit the yellow chili on its slant and you might remove it in one shot. If not shoot it again. Remove a few acorns then find the bounce point on the flat part of the bamboo to bounce your papa up onto the blackberries and also remove acorns. Keeping the wall side chili by the acorns will keep your papa from bouncing through. If the green spinner moves and could alter your shot move to the right side. Otherwise, free the fruit and let the blueberry push it hopefully to the left.
The right side is trickier since you’ll bounce your papa on the bamboo and just hit the blackberry once. Keep shooting until you’re above the blackberries removing them and now dropping down each level of items hopefully with your fruit. If the fruit gets stuck on acorns, onions, or a chili at the bottom keep bouncing on the bamboo to drop it.
If your fruit gets stuck on the center rows of acorns and carrots try again. You can’t shoot down there and they should have been removed from earlier shots.



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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 402”

  1. Jef Tombeur

    On the left side, if you got rid of the acorns, the fruit might be shot at directly as it lays on the onions. Aim straight at the fruit and it might come out (at least, to my surprise, that’s what it has done).

  2. Pat

    The right side is the easier one, You need five papas; four to remove two blackberries, and the fifth will remove everything else and clear a path all the way down. This works in 80% to 90%
    The left side is much trickier, as that “bouncing point” is so hard to find, that it seems to be somewhere else every game. And this needs so many papas, that you usually don’t have enough left.


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