Papa Pear Saga Level 403, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Use 6 Multipliers; 35,000 points.


First you get booster multiplier if you remove same items on the board: all acorn, all onions, all carrots etc.
Start the game by aiming your papa to the left on the top leaves, then do the same to the right.Your arrow should be long and straight as much as you can so that way you will remove the leaves and some acorns. Vacuum plants will eat your papas. Try to have each plant pop when the warp spinner is near it so any papas in the warp will emerge along the top of the board hitting other items.
Aim your papa on the right wall between yellow and red chillies, as we can’t tell where papa will go, don’t shot another papa till you lose this one. If you didn’t remove all chillies there, aim your papa again. As you want to save your papas, but you have 2 vacuum plants below, you can aim on the potato dices, because vacuum plants eat them also.When you need one more papa to pop those 2 plants you can aim your papa at the moment when warp is nearby, removing some items that you need for multiplier.
When you get multiplier, go and use it for 2 reasons: to make points and usually when you hit the multiplier your papa does some good bounces.
Now focus on the left side. Aim your papa so one dot of the arrow is just little over eyes of the star. You can make fire papas from that spot in 2 ways:
1. Your papa will bounce on the right edge of the middle bucket and hit the left wall, if you don’t have any acorns on the way, if you do just aim again.
2.You can aim the same way as in number one but at the time when warp comes in the below section near the middle bucket, that way your papa will go through and emerge heading to the right wall.
There is one more way to make fire papa: left bouncing berry- if you remove carrots and onion that are around it, aim your papa high as much as you can…it will bounce on the berry and hit the left wall.
If you made fire papa, don’t waste your papas and make more. Better way is to use that one fire papa, but you have to be sure where to aim; little to the left on fire papa, little to the right, arrow straight, arrow like a bow-it all depend where you want your papa to go.
Be sure to look for any potato dice sitting on a broken lid. They need to fall into a bucket or be hit by a papa to be removed.



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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 403”

  1. wanda

    I don’t think you can get this with no more balls. I have tried several ways and I don’t have enough balls.

    • Pat

      Well you can, but it needs some luck. You have to remove all the acorns, and that needs some lucky bouncing.
      Just passed two games in a row, because the first had a low three star score, but I wanted more: So finished with five paps left and 347,000 points .-)


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