Papa Pear Saga Level 405, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 15,000 points.


The green spinners and potato sticks make this tricky but having the two pink bucket lighter bonuses helps.
You need to remove the potato sticks, especially the bottom ones over the center bucket, so bounce high off the walls to start. If the top spinners aren’t pointing to the warp spinner aim at them to have your papa slide to the center bucket. The warp will put your papa on one of the two trees shooting it at the lid.
Remove the peas by the wall and don’t worry if your papa bounces to the center bucket since they will light it or possibly make a fireball bonus. If your papa falls straight down hitting the end lid while you remove more peas that’s a good thing too. Adjust your aiming line up or down to hit the pink bucket lighter.
It’s important to get the center and edge buckets lit before hitting the bucket lighters because you might not light up the red or wooden lidded buckets. Those lids might break when you start removing the potato sticks but there’s no easy shot to hit them.


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  1. mattbl

    I’d like to comment that I was able to find a way to hit the red lid, after I had cleared most of the peas on the left side. I aimed the hardest possible shot quite low on the wall and angled it to the hit the very left edge of the red lid, so after breaking it open I shot my last papa there and it bounced around and went in. Might have been a fluke but I wanted to add it.


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