Papa Pear Saga Level 407, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 40,000 points.


King added a Papa so it’s now 18, not 17 like in the picture. If any of the mystery cans have a cactus just quit and try again. You need your papas!
This is one of those “luck passes it” levels since you don’t know where the warp spinners will emerge your papa above the buckets so it’s unfortunately reminders of how things work and what to try.
Try for a grande bonus by shooting to the left to start. Your papa has a chance of making one as it bounces to the right removing acorns/onions. You can get a lot of bounces in the curve of the USA outline above the cactus image and possibly open a mystery can for more bouncing. Obviously hit the grande bonus soon as you can.
Remove as many acorns/onions as you can to create gaps to shoot through to hit lids or light buckets. A gap by the Route 66 sign and curved aiming line can drop your papa onto the end bucket when the warp is out of the way. You may even adjust the line to hit the wooden lid. A gap by the red lid or far left items above the lower mystery can are others ways to hit or light those buckets.
How your papa enters the warp spinner is how it will come out below. So a papa shot straight down into the warp will emerge moving straight down. One bounced off a wall moving quickly to the right will emerge moving to the right just as fast.
Trying to hit the fireball directly can be wasteful and having a Fire Papa moving sideways could do multiple lid damage so you want your papa to bounce into the warp. A real gift is a doubler inside a mystery can. Try to hit that so each papa enters a different warp.
The line of peas and blackberries is what Route 66 looks like too.

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  1. Pat

    It’s just a luck level, you never know in which bucket the papas will be dropped from the vortex, but usually four buckets will be lit, and a fifth still has the lid on it πŸ™
    113,000 points after three games, so what!?


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