Papa Pear Saga Level 408, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 25 Blackberries; 10,000 points.


Another variety of mushroom, besides the white, is the brown mushroom, which will disappear/reappear like white ones but they need 2 hits to be removed.
A helpful thing on this level is that the brown and white mushrooms alternate disappearing and reappearing so you papa has a better chance to bounce around removing blackberries.
Making a fireball bonus is hard because the mushrooms are squishy and don’t offer a nice hard bounce but if you’re trying aim high on the right wall and shoot 2 papas quickly. One papa might bounce off a blackberry to the left wall. As usual, use it if you get one. Hopefully you’ll burn some cactus’ while removing blackberries and mushrooms.
When down to the last few blackberries hit them on their side so your papa bounces toward another, especially if they are side by side.

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  1. Pat

    Shoot to the right wall when the mushrooms appear. The papas will bounce to the left wall, and you will get fire bonus easily. These will remove the cactus, and a lot of blackberries, too.
    Just needed one game to remove 26 and still had five papas left: 140,000 points!


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