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Papa Pear Saga Level 410, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 15,000 points.


This is the third, and last Papa Pear lvl that have the new mushrooms in it.

Mushrooms have been introduced in this section and this version of mushrooms can not be destroyed. They do disappear and reappear like the others.
Break the fireball jar first. You want your Fire Papa to burn the cactus and remove acorns/onions and break lids. Making a fireball bonus is tricky because there is no sure spot to aim at. Shoot your papa at the left wall to bounce off the blueberry going to the right. Your papa might need to bounce off a mushroom to hit the wall so try to have them visible after you bounce off the blueberry.

If you find the spot make a few to remove items and lids.
Break the doubler jar and see what your papas left you left to open or light up. Having removed a lot of the acorns/onions makes direct shots much easier.
Remember to time your shots when the mushrooms have disappeared and there is no cactus in the way.


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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 410”

  1. Cathy

    I found tht if you hit the 3rd mushroom to the left of the right blueberry while it is visible and the others aren’t it will ricochet and hit the blueberry which will send papa to the left wall and crest the fire papa. Aim as far up the right wall as you can. Timing is everything as you have to hit the mushroom when all the others around it as invisible. Good luck.

    • Alf igel

      This never worked for me. The papa is bouncing back but never makes it to the other wall.
      Left side is slightly different, the papa sometimes bounces on to the right, but also never reaches the other wall.
      My only way is to open the can with the fireball quickly and that the subsequent fire papa will hit most or all cactus.

    • Hans Wurst

      For me this also worked, but it really is a question of lucky timing, as some (a few) mushrooms have a different timer than all the others.
      Just made about five or so fireballs in a game, but still it was a very close one. Luckily the last papa made it into the last bucket, even though the path was obstructed by acorns.


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