Papa Pear Saga Level 411, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 770,000 points.

We are not sure why King lowered the points with 8 easy multipliers and grande bonuses fairly easy to make but it’s better than raising the points.
If you want to try to remove the red peppers and yellow chilies first shoot at the wall when the vacuum plant is on the other side. If bouncing luckily you’ll get both, break the left jar for the multiplier, and make a grande bonus.
Easy grande bonuses are made by getting your papa “stuck” on a pea pod while the vacuum plant is still moving. If there are peas at the top of the pod stopping your papa from getting into the tree play the other side. You don’t want 3 papas “stuck” on the pods or you’ll have to quit.
If you have made grande bonuses and gotten your papas sucked into the plant pop it and let the fun of 5 papas removing items and breaking jars begin. You should make and hit multipliers and grande bonuses for lots of points and other item removal. Use the tree to shoot your papa at other multipliers or grande bonuses.
Remove and make more peas for points and possible grande bonuses. Depending where the grande bonuses are and amount of blackberries, acorns, and onions already removed you decide where to try to make more points or more multipliers.

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