Papa Pear Saga Level 413, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Remove 29 Blackberries; 20,000 points.

You’ll need some lucky bounces and a grade bonus to pass this level easier.
For the left side you need to make a gap in the acorns so your papa will get to the blackberries. It will take a few shots because the papa will bounce off the acorns hopefully to the right and remove acorns by the carrot or bounce on the onions hitting the blackberry under yellow chili. Once the gap is made shoot a papa or two to remove the other items, hit blackberries, and most likely make a grande bonus or two. You can also shoot over the acorns to try to hit the far left blackberry.
Having a grande in the jar is better than a doubler. Remove the carrots if they haven’t been and have your papa bounce off the wall to remove the potato sticks and red peppers, bouncing off the jar and blackberries. Hit the grande or doubler to bounce and remove more blackberries.
If you’ve removed all the potato sticks and have the 4 blackberries under the cactus bounce your papa off the wall into the onions so you remove blackberries in that area.
The blackberries by the cactus are the hardest, even with the cactus removed. Remove the acorns if not already gone and curve your aiming line to drop the papa right on the blackberry. Hitting the bottom few of those 5 will need a lucky bounce off of unremoved lower blackberries or placement of a bonus. There’s no real direct shot.

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  1. Alf Igel

    On the left side, keep shooting over the acorns to the wall, and hit the blackberries. There is a hidden fire bonus, but too often it just goes down the bucket.
    For the right side, remove the carrots first, then shoot at the wall and remove the potatoes and other things to access the can. Finally remove some last blackberries in the middle.


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